Dispute Advisory


The dispute advisory practice of Fox Forensic Accounting (FFA) provides credible independent and objective analysis to the business and legal community involved in litigation and arbitration matters. The members of Fox Forensic Accounting have worked on numerous dispute advisory matters across a wide range of areas, including high stakes litigation, intellectual property infringement, bad faith, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trade secrets, patent infringement, tortious interference, securities, fraud, purchase price disputes/post-acquisition disputes, class action, and bankruptcy litigation, as well as valuation and insurance claims recoveries. 

FFA provides expertise on complex damages, lost profits, unjust enrichment, economic damages, fair market value, fair value, diminution of value, reasonable royalty, generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), extra costs, mitigation, and assistance with calculations involving punitive damages. The firm assists law firms and law firm’s client in all phases of complex litigation, including case assessments, discovery, document review, damages analysis, complex modeling, rebuttal report, assisting and responding to Daubert challenges and motions in limine,  trial assistance, settlement, and demonstrative exhibits.